About Us

Happy Weight is a brand that promotes self-love, acceptance, and the appreciation of oneself. Finding Your Happy Weight is not only a MINDSET, but a MOVEMENT. It is the individual journey towards releasing the weight of unhealthy behaviors and negative thoughts; removing the weight of people, situations and things that interfere with your peace of mind and growth; while recommitting to honoring, protecting and respecting who you are and where you are in this moment.
It is necessary to understand the importance of investing in yourself, always choosing you, and continuing to make your happiness a priority. Show up for yourself. By training your mind, loving your body, and feeding your soul; emotional, physical and spiritual growth are achievable, and inevitable.
You must remember not everything that weighs you down in life, is yours to carry. Become mindful and set boundaries. Find the people who make you happy, the things that make you happy, and the experiences that make you happy. Do more of what makes you happy. Start living intentionally. Give yourself permission.
F i n d  Y o u r  H a p p y  W e i g h t.